Our church caters for children each week by providing Sabbath school classes for several age groups:

  • Teens (ages 10-15)
  • Primary (ages 6-9)
  • Kindergarten (ages 3-5)
  • Beginners (for parents with infants 0-2 yrs)

The weekly children Sabbath school (Bible study) classes each week contain songs, crafts, quizzes, games and Bible stories.
Children are invited to join their parents during the church service where there will be a children's story for them.


The Adventurer club has two main sections Pre-Adventurers and Adventurers.
Each section has groups within and are outlined below.

The groups are as follows: 

Pre-Adventurers (4-5 year olds)

  • Little Lambs - Age 4
  • Little Fish - Age 5

Adventurers (6-9 year olds)

  • Busy Bee - Age 6
  • Sunbeams - Age 7
  • Builders - Age 8
  • Helping Hands - Age 9

If you are interested in joining please use our contact us page.

The Adventurer Club is similar to Scouting, created in 1972 and is inspired by its "older brother", the Pathfinder club.